Starting with an almost imperceptibly slow pulsation in the deepest depths of the subsonic, this 40-minute composition works its way through rhythmic parts texturised by glitches and crackles. This release, which brings together the various musical approaches EMERGE has developed over the last few years, at times feels like an unlikely hybrid between sound sculpting in the vein of Bernard Parmegiani’s musique concrète and ‘hauntological’ dubstep atmospheres.

This live recording is perhaps the most rhythm-based release by Sascha Stadlmeier (aka EMERGE) since his earliest musical outings under his Dependenz moniker around the year 2000. Rhythm here not only means that abstract sounds are looped into beats, in various registers from the treble to the really deep bass. The whole macrostructure of the piece is rhythmic because it is punctuated by (sometimes rather long) silences. This is markedly different from many of EMERGE’s more textural, “dark ambient” pieces of the past, which were based on layered and ever-shifting drones. It literally gives the listener pause to think and follow their own train of thoughts while never losing the focus on the sounds themselves. This results in an atmospheric quality that is both dream-like and lucid, unhurried and full of suspense. In the excellent sense of timing and dramaturgy of “narcoses”, one feels the wide experience in free improvisation that Stadlmeier has acquired since his last full-length EMERGE release by playing in all sorts of improv formations.

File under: Musique concrète, electroacoustic music, dark ambient

ACU 1012

factory-pressed CD in cardboard sleeve

Released in 2017

limited to 100 copies

price: 7.00 EUR (excl. postage)

live @ re:flexions ° k15, Augsburg, 07.07.17 photography by MARTAVICTOR ( recording, mastering and design by EMERGE

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Emerge is in a slightly more rhythmic mood than before. Armed with his usual two samplers he builds from a few clicks and ticks an intricate web of sounds that never becomes a rhythm as in a sequenced beat thing, but which, as many before, reminds the listener of serious musique concrete played by someone who is self-thought. In the forty minutes of this concert Emerge keeps fiddling about with filters, reverbs and delay’s (and who knows what else) and it all sounds like a steady stream of water sounds. And those reminded me of the various ‘Hydrophonie’ works by Asmus Tietchens (see his ’Seuchengebiete’ releases) but in Emerge’s live treatment it is all a bit a bit rough and less refined then with Tietchens, but at the same time Emerge reaches for some interesting depths in his sound with some excellent deep bass treatment. I would rank this easily among one of Emerge’s best releases.


EMERGE narcoses cover front
EMERGE narcoses cover back
EMERGE narcoses Inlay
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