by 7697 miles

7697 miles are Cristóbal Rawlins from Santiago de Chile and Dieter Mauson from Hamburg/Germany. They knew each other in May 2016 in Hamburg when Cristóbal stayed or three months in Germany. In June 2016 they started to record music in Berlin and some weeks later in Hamburg. In January 2017 Dieter travelled to Santiago and they went on with their studio work and played their first concerts. In July 2017 Cristóbal returned to Europe for a tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Lithuania. In May and June 2018 they were touring in Peru.

ACU 1011

factory-pressed CD in Folder

Released in 2018

limited to 250 copies

price: 8.00 EUR (excl. postage)

recorded by 7697 miles in Berlin and Hamburg/Germany in June and July 2016 and in Cobquecura and Curarrehue/Chile in January and February 2017

mixed by Cristóbal Rawlins in Santiago de Chile in April 2018
mastering by Gonzalo González in Santiago de Chile
fotos by Dieter Mauson
layout by EMERGE

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Dieter Mauson's name one may recognize from his work with Nostalgie Eternelle, but here he is one half of 7697 Miles, a duo with Cristobal Rawlins from Chile. No doubt the name reflects the distance between Santiago de Chile and Hamburg. In May 2016 Rawlins stayed with Mauson for three months and they recorded in Berlin and Hambug and Mausan went to Chili and following more concerts they also played concerts. On their debut CD they have seven pieces, somewhere between six and almost eighteen minutes. I'd say that is all a bit long, but perhaps for me as a reviewer, and not as a listener. I nested myself with a bunch of comics in an easy chair and flicked on the CD, started reading and finding myself having a most enjoyable time. This duo plays what one could call armchair techno music. Spacious synthesizer based music that takes quite a bit of time to develop and sometimes has no need to develop at all as it keeps moving on within the same rhythm and synthesizer patterns. Sometimes a bit of voice material is leaked into it, and perhaps the best was one of the longer pieces, 'Choique Purrun', with its minimalist rhythm and psychedelic synths. Stick on repeat while you go through a whole pile of comic books and have a most enjoyable time with this armchair experiment meeting armchair techno.

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