Lorenzo Brusci, 1966, co-founder of, managing partner at the music robot start up MUSICFIT (

He launched over the last 20 years prestigious adventures in the audio and sound space design field as the sound and interactive design studio GIARDINO SONORO ( and the architectural speakers manufacturer ARCHITETTURA SONORA.

He has been composing music for various ensembles, theatre, television and radio since the early ’90s (He founded in 1993).

Lives between Berlin, Tuscany and Krakow.


Luca Canciello, Italian born, Berlin based.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, he performs experimenting with live electronics, instruments and sounds.

His musical journey and inspiration have brought him into various fields and art disciplines, working solo or collaborating with other artists and bands.

His interest for other art forms, in particular dancing, leads him composing musical pieces for theatre, dance companies, experimenting the various natures of rhythm in music .

On sound design, he’s been involved on projects linked to international cultural heritage and architectural media mapping.


The mechanism of individual and collective memory and its rituals, are the central inspiration of our Requiem. It’s not a formal Mass; our intention was to harvest and express the community’s need of sharing and binding its ties while facing the experience of death.
A deep sense of community - religo in latin, binding in english - inspired our structural research.
Requiem becomes then the concerting moment that asks for “holding back”, a desperate request of time suspension, the ultimate demand for re-living, re-experiencing, re-loading, re-gaining, now, in this very ritual and public moment what will be lost forever.
Through a free attitude in music composition and expression - our syncretism - we designed a process of electroacoustic layering, consolidating in 3 compositional areas the process and destiny of organic life.

- Living Elegy - the enchantment for life and its many endangering gates: the movement is subdivided in (living) Articulation, (ritual)Transition and (pathological) Abandon;
- Nostalgia - the seeking for the integral time suspension and life preservation;
- Transfiguration - where we depict the organic reaction to danger and biological faith, subdivided in (furious and ultrabiological) detachment, (regenerating) intimate power, (coding the) extended mind, (persuing a new form of) immanency.

ACU 1009

factory-pressed CD in cardboard sleeve

Released in 2016

unlimited edition

price: 7.00 EUR (excl. postage)

movement 1 - living elegy
[00:00_articulation; 05':35"_transition rite; 09':50"_abandon]

movement 2 - 13':30"_nostalgia

movement 3 - transfiguration
[21':16"_detachment; 26':00"_intimate power; 30':30"_extended mind; 34':20"_immanency]

All instruments and compositions _ Luca Canciello & Lorenzo Brusci Vocals _ Movement 2, The Zimbabwebird; Movement 1 and 3, Sosta Palmizi

Text, Movement 2 (by Zimbabwebird, in Zulu and Shona, 2015):

"Thuma mina, mweya mutsvene.

[Send me, pure spirit.
And then send me.]

Visual design: Lorenzo Brusci
Master: Luca Canciello

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Synchre is Luca Canciello and Lorenzo Brusci both artists with huge and long-standing experience in both visual and sonic arts whose affiliations, and versatility is rather difficult to put into a short bio.
Almost a 40 minutes piece "Requiem" is a white knuckle ride into a world of phantasm - dynamic fuzzy idm glitch blend of ambient and quasi syncopated beats/structures and ambience created as a utility that brings you on the edge of your seat. Very dramatic and unpredictable narrative which could easily be a soundtrack for a dystopian future happening now.
The structures here are rich, deep and luscious. Both artists work really hard to make it really dense.
If you like idm glitch related music in an unorthodox sauce of Derridian symulacra book your ticket now.



Italian sound artists Luca Canciello and Lorenzo Brusci have an important career in the fields of audio, music and composition for different art forms.
Bresci lives between Berlin, Krakow and Tuscany and Canciello resides in Berlin.
"Requiem", released on German Attenuation Circuit, consists of one track with three movements: "Movement 1 - Living Elegy", "Movement 2 - 13 ': 30"_Nostalgia” and “Movement 3 – Transfiguration.”
This is an avant-garde improvisation proposal in which blend elements of classical music, experimental electronics and noise.
The music is abstract, dark and intense as every sound that emerges is unpredictable and disturbing.

SYNCHRE Requiem cover front
SYNCHRE Requiem cover back
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