by Bu.d.d.A. / N(102)

This spilt tape by N and Bu.d.d.A. shows various aspects of how to use electric guitars in experimental music settings. While N has been using guitars as the main ingredient of most of his 102 releases so far, the relatively new duo Bu.d.d.A. (Chris Sigdell aka B°TONG and Sascha Stadlmeier aka EMERGE) showcase that instrument in even more varied ways than in their previous collaborations.

“Spaanse Polder” by N was created in the context of an installation and, perhaps due to this setting, is as ambient as one can possibly get on a guitar. No staccato here, all chords are flanged and spaced-out to the max, creating a lush, luminous sonic texture that sounds as if untouched by human hands, coming directly out of heavenly spheres.

Despite the title “Featherlike” (irony and humour must always be reckoned with when dealing with projects involving B°TONG), it is definitely the Bu.d.d.A. side of the split album that sounds rougher, earthier, and rock'n'roll-like (!). Sigdell not only creates sustained sounds on a bowed guitar, as Stadlmeier does on violin, but he also does a lot of hard-rocking riffing on his axe, reminding us that he can also look back on a career as a psychedelic rock guitarist in Phased. Spiced up with samples by Leonardo Granchi and spoken voice by Sigdell, this colourful composition offers delightful flashes of what it could have been like if Neu! had met Neubauten, or if John Cale and Sterling Morrison had teamed up with Tony Conrad for good, instead of with Lou Reed.

File under: drone, ambient, krautrock, psychedelic

ACT 1055

white cassette in slipcase

Released in 2021

limited to 50 copies, sold out

price: 8.00 EUR (excl. postage)

1. N(102) - Spaanse Polder 32:00
2. Bu.d.d.A. - featherlike 20:57


Bu.d.d.A. & N - dreisam einsam tour 2021


N(102) - Spaanse Polder
performed and recorded on february 01st 2020
during the installation
Deep City - Lost Spaces
by Reinhold Bogaard

Bu.d.d.A. - featherlike
b’tong: guitar, bowed guitar, vocals
EMERGE: violin, samples (original sounds by Leonardo Granchi)

photo: Sascha Stadlmeier
design: Chris Sigdell

Also available here: http://www.discogs.com/seller/dependenz?sort=price&sort_order=asc&q=attenuation+circuit&st

Bu.d.d.A. / N(102) split cover front
Bu.d.d.A. / N(102) split cover back
Bu.d.d.A. / N(102) split Inlay
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