by Kreysing I EMERGE

The water we drink, the fuel we burn, the psychic energy we invest in keeping up with the rat race – all of these resources are limited, and when they run out (or if we burn them up too fast), the results may be deadly on an individual as well as collective level. With its brooding, ominous, (pre- or post-?) apocalyptic soundscape, the album „Ressourcen“ by EMERGE and Anja Kreysing is a memento to our inability to use our resources sensibly.

As a basic resource (!) for the composers, Gerald Fiebig wrote a short text (in German) meditating on various aspects of individual and collective, fossil and immaterial resources. Anja Kreysing fed the text into a speech software that read the text out loud. Some comprehensible fragments of the text are featured in the compositon, but mostly the human text, spoken by a machine, was the resource that got processed to create the sounds from which Kreysing and EMERGE created the piece.

Das Wasser, das wir trinken; der Treibstoff, den wir verbrennen; die psychische Energie, die wir einsetzen, um jeden Tag in unseren Hamsterrädern bestehen zu können – all diese Ressourcen sind endlich, und wenn sie erschöpft sind (d.h. wenn wir sie zu schnell verfeuern), können die Resultate tödlich sein – auf der individuellen wie auf der kollektiven Ebene. Die düster vor sich hin schwelende, (prä- oder post-) apokalyptische Klangszenerie des Albums „Ressourcen“ von EMERGE und Anja Kreysing ist ein Mahnmal für unsere Unfähigkeit, unsere Ressourcen vernünftig zu nutzen.

Als verwertbare Ressource (!) für die beiden Komponist:innen schrieb Gerald Fiebig einen kurzen Text aus Gedankensplittern zu verschiedenen Aspekten von individuellen und kollektiven, fossilen und immateriellen Ressourcen. Anja Kreysing gab den Text in eine Sprachsoftware ein, die den Text laut vorlas. Einige verständliche Fragmente des Textes sind in der Komposition zu hören – aber in erster Linie war der von einem Menschen geschriebene und von einer Maschine gesprochene Text die Ressource, die weiterverarbeitet wurde, um die Sounds zu erzeugen, aus denen Kreysing und EMERGE das Stück komponierten.

Eine alternative Fassung des Stücks „Ressourcen“ wurde am 30. September 2022 beim Klangzeit-Festival der Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Münster in der Musikhochschule Münster uraufgeführt.

File under: dark ambient, electroacoustic, sound art

ACU 1049

factory-pressed CD in Digisleeve

Released in 2022

limited to 200 copies

price: 10.00 EUR (excl. postage)

Anja Kreysing
* computer voices, granular synthesis, mastering

* sound recycling, artwork

Gerald Fiebig
* text

Dan Penschuck
* photography

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Germany's Attenuation Circuit is certainly busy as hell when it comes to having new releases. Here we have no less than five across various formats. On a real CD, and I guess that's because the label is confident about the quality, we find label boss EMERGE (preferred spelling) with Anja Kreysing. The latter uses a short (German) text by Gerald Fiebig (another label boss here), which deals with "various aspects of individual and collective, fossil and immaterial resources". Kreysing had this text read by speech software, which she feeds through granular synthesis while EMERGE adds his brand of sound recycling. The text is not easy to follow, or rather not at all, but this works pretty well as a resource to generate musical material. This is a rather short release, just under twenty-six minutes, but it is packed with sounds. The listener isn't allowed to grasp for breath, with the continuous bending of sounds, morphing into something new all the time, and with speech fragments popping in and out. At one point, everything morphs into a beat or two, but the stretching and pitching are going on and on. It is a powerful work, and I'm convinced of that, and for one, I thought this was about the right length for this work. Usually, I am not blown away by relatively short releases. I mean, why spill the resource of a CD filling it with one-third of music? However, there was so much going on in this case that I took a break from hearing something else once it was over. 'Ressourcen' contains some fascinating modern computer music.

Kreysing I EMERGE Ressourcen cover front
Kreysing I EMERGE Ressourcen cover back
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