In 2003, Sascha Stadlmeier released music under the name EMERGE for the first time: a 7-inch vinyl on Drone Records entitled “relativity/profundity”. Now, 20 years later, EMERGE celebrates his anniversary by re-releasing the two sides of that 7-inch (as tracks B01 and C01 of this triple CD), alongside a collection of unreleased and obscure tracks (CD A). But the main part of this release is made up of tracks composed by colleagues, collaborators, and friends of EMERGE from the global experimental underground music network as birthday gifts for his artistic anniversary. All the tracks utilise recycled, reworked sounds from the original Drone Records single. The response to EMERGE's call for contributions to this project was so enthusiastic that CD B and CD C of this box set were not enough to hold all of the submissions. Therefore, the release of this triple CD is paralleled by the download release “20+” (https://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/20-2) which contains 21 additional tracks.

File under: dark ambient, drone, musique concrète

To survive, we need to find better ways of living together than those organised as markets. The experimental sound underground points the way: trading and sharing as well as collaboration and collectivity are the rule. As a listener, Sascha Stadlmeier was shaped by this underground, a scene which empowered him to create his own sound. In 2003, his own music emerged from this experience, with the first release under the name EMERGE: the 7" relativity/profundity on Drone Records. In the 20 years that followed he has released his own music and that of hundreds of others, toured, organised concerts and festivals, thus bringing people across the globe together through sound. The artists on this album are all connections he made along the way. As he donated his sounds for this collective work, they all created new music on the basis of his debut 7". EMERGE returns their favour by giving us unreleased and rare sounds of his own. 54 happy new ears on the way to a sonic utopia of sharing.

ACU 1057

factory-pressed 3CD in Digisleeve

Released in 2023

limited to 300 copies

price: 20.00 EUR (excl. postage)

A01.EMERGE - fahrenheit 20:48
A02.EMERGE - minuscule 1 05:02
A03.EMERGE - minuscule 2 05:02
A04.EMERGE - minuscule 3 04:49
A05.EMERGE - minuscule for piano, voice and electronics 04:55
A06.EMERGE - minuscule 4 06:15
A07.EMERGE - minuscule 5 05:57
A08.EMERGE - affluence 1 06:19
A09.EMERGE - affluence 2 06:18
A10.EMERGE - frozen lake 07:45
B01.EMERGE - relativity 07:08
B02.Gerald Fiebig - poem for EMERGE 03:03
B03.Herr Penschuck - heatherly 05:14
B04.Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor - biergarten blues 03:03
B05.Hans Castrup - bearbeitung 02:52
B06.NLC - deep holes arise 03:16
B07.elektrojudas - eine relativität 03:07
B08.Jacob Audrey Taves - fictional medicine 03:38
B09.Philippe Petit - germaneness 04:12
B10.Grodock - ohnmacht 03:04
B11.A-Discharge - all kaputt here 03:23
B12.Drekka - une nostalgie relativement inconnue 03:10
B13.RLW - relativ knapp 03:02
B14.Toni Dimitrov - dystopian visions 03:36
B15.Claus Poulsen - shell 03:01
B16.Glauser - gusts on cliffs 03:08
B17.Kryptogen Rundfunk - snelle duik 01:35
B18.Circuitnoise - the mystical enigma of space and time 02:57
B19.Satori - strange sounds emanate 02:52
B20.KOMPRIPIOTR - submerge 03:06
B21.Wilfried Hanrath - ivity 03:04
C01.EMERGE - profundity 06:50
C02.PBK - l'illusion du temps 03:02
C03.Stefan Schmidt - a direful tiny pivot try 03:16
C04.Petrolio - 3.33 am uncomfortable silences 04:11
C05.LDX#40 - realistic putrefaction vs. putrefied realism 02:23
C06.Capsular - 667 m MSL 03:19
C07.Chaotalion - sirius powder 03:01
C08.Anja Kreysing - nascent fields 03:09
C09.Mattia Bonafini - partial awakening 03:01
C10.Tönungsfluid - xLaTfy=8 02:58
C11.Doc Wör Mirran - carpet shark 05:10
C12.Re-Drum - anagramm 03:45
C13.antimatter - a synchronous demodulator 03:24
C14.PAAK - repro no 9 02:59
C15.Zustand D. - certainity abyss 03:02
C16.Noisesculptor - ut conteram momento 03:17
C17.b°tong - profound 02:24
C18.Brandstifter - ichweissnichtbescheid 03:29
C19.Opening Performance Orchestra - pervasivity 03:01
C20.Philip Nussbaum & Gehirn. Implosion - VerhältnisMäßigTief 2:50
C21.Carsten Vollmer - Dear Mr. Hendrix - How Do You Like Augsburg ? 03:34

20 years of EMERGE !


liner notes by Gerald Fiebig
final mastering by Claus Poulsen
technical help by Mirko Hentrich
photography and design by EMERGE

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For over twenty years now, Sascha Stadlmeier has stood at the helm of Attenuation Circuit, a wide-ranging avantgarde electronica label based in Augsburg with a gazillion releases in its catalogue and still at the height of its creative powers. And precisely twenty years ago, Stadlmeier debuted as recording artist EMERGE, which is celebrated with a bountiful three-CD set simply called 20. The first compiles obscurities and rarities from throughout his career, which although wildly varying in form, from musique concrète to deep-river diving, mandible chatter, and things that go bump in the night, are nicely strung together like an unruly string of pearls.

The two additional discs are all remixes. Stadlmeier proffered his very first release, the 7? “Relativity,” to a host of Attenuation Circuit regulars. Side A is covered on one disc, side B on the second. Among the participants we find Gerald Fiebig, NLC, Philippe Petit, RLW, Toni Dimitrov of Élan Vital Recordings, Claus Poulsen of Small Things on Sundays, Wilfried Hanrath, PBK, Anja Kreysing, Doc Wör Mirran and b°tong, among many, many others. And an additional twenty-one remixes are available online only, at emerge.bandcamp.com/album/20-2. So much to choose some, and such diversity, but it is especially pleasing to find that a number of them crawl along the deep, low end of restrained dark ambience. It’s such a good fit.




Zwanzig Jahre EMERGE-Musik sind der Anlass für das Hoch-die-Tassen von 20 (ACU 1057, 3xCD + digital). Die Drone-7“ 'Relativity/Profundity' als Sascha Stadlmeiers weg­weisendes Debut ist aus diesem Anlass nochmal eingebettet in obskure Online- und Busi­ness-Card-Tracks und bisher Unveröffentlichtes, wobei 'fahrenheit' prototypisch seine spezielle Ambientness vertieft, als speläologisches und submarines Eintauchen ins Unter­bewusste. Doch vor allem liefert sie die Zutaten für 59 Törtchen, mit denen Emerges Freunde und Kolleg*en ihm gratulieren, indem sie seine Ästhetik rezipieren und variieren als 'biergarten blues', 'dystopian visions', 'fictional medicine', als 'profound' und deep. Allen voran Gerald Fiebig, neben Herr Penschuck, Hans Castrup, NCL, Philippe Petit, Grodock, Claus Poulsen, Wilfried Hanrath, PBK, LDX#40, Anja Kreysing, DWM, Re-Drum, PAAK, b°tong, Philip Nußbaum & Gehirn.Implosion, Carsten Vollmer, Innocent But Guilty, {AN} EeL etc. Der Beitrag von RLW lässt natürlich an „Tulpas“ denken, der 1997 auf ihn bezogenen Huldigung des Netzwerkspirits der Sound Culture, den Emerge und Attenua­tion Circuit geradezu pfingstlich hegen und multiplizieren, als „sonic utopia of sharing“.




Sascha Stadlmeier's EMERGE celebrates twenty years of existence with a massive project. He invited all his friends to celebrate with a remix of his first 7" from Drone Records (see Vital Weekly 399), of which side A opens the second CD and side B the third. The first CD is all for EMERGE with a bundle of obscure pieces, many of which were only available online. The response was overwhelming, so a further twenty-one remixes are in the digital domain.
I wrote of the first release: "Also, a new name is Emerge, from Augsburg, Germany. He has released two tapes and CDRs and now reaches a wider audience. It's kinda hard to describe what is going on here. Highly reverbed, slowed-down voices are my best guess. Rumblings of an unknown kind take place, but seemingly there is no start or end point - like cutouts from a larger part. Of these four, the least interesting one, at least for me. If lo-fi rumbling is your thing, you might think differently, of course." My opinion hasn't changed; these are very obscure rumbles. I couldn't have predicted a long career and a massive catalogue of releases. The first CD has some interesting pieces of what became trademark EMERGE music; slow development, working with a few samples, used to significant effect. Some of the earlier pieces worked towards a crash in the end, an early trademark, but as time went on, EMERGE had more control there, and the music benefitted from that a lot. Very dark, highly atmospheric and at seventy-four minutes, a lot of it.
The two CDs with remixes, and forty pieces of music, each about three minutes (with some exceptions), can be best enjoyed as one steady stream of sound. I played them without looking at the cover, ignoring the whole 'who did what', and promised I would only take a look if a piece were out of the ordinary. The experience with this kind of remix project is that the new versions aren't that much different from the original. In this case, with the significant exception that the originals are big, deep bass affairs, many remixers pitched these up and used the sources more audibly. The list of participants reads like a who's who in the world of Attenuation Circuit (with still a few missing), the world of electronic musicians touring small places (the 'no audience scene'), some of whom have been around for a long time. I didn't once get up to look at which track I was hearing; no techno EMERGE remix, drum 'n bass, or harsh noise wall (although I wouldn't probably haven't got up for that). Solid stuff, that's sure, without all too big surprises.
The full cast of players; Gerald Fiebig, Herr Penschuck, Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor, Hans Castrup, NLC, elektrojudas, Jacob Audrey Taves, Philippe Petit, Grodock, A-Discharge, Drekka, RLW, Toni Dimitrov, Claus Poulsen, Glauser, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Circuitnoise, Satori, KOMPRIPIOTR, Wilfried Hanrath, PBK, Stefan Schmidt, Petrolio, LDX#40, Capsular, Chaotalion, Anja Kreysing, Mattia Bonafini, Tönungsfluid, Doc Wör Mirran, Re-Drum, antimatter, PAAK, Zustand D., Noisesculptor, b°tong, Brandstifter, Opening Performance Orchestra, Philip Nußbaum & Gehirn. Implosion, and Carsten Vollmer.


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